What makes a London Dry Gin?

What makes a London Dry Gin?

London Dry Gin is a type of gin that's often considered the classic gin style. It's got a dry, juniper-forward flavour and doesn't have added sugar or artificial flavors. In this post, we'll have a brief look into the history and characteristics of London Dry Gin and why it's such a classic.

So, way back in the 19th century in England, there was a gin craze and demand was soaring. Distillers started experimenting with new techniques like continuous distillation and neutral grain spirits. This led to a gin that was drier and less sweet than traditional gins - and London Dry Gin was born.

London Dry Gin is all about that dry, juniper-forward flavor. Juniper berries are the star of the show, but other botanicals like coriander, angelica root, and citrus peel are used to create a well-balanced and complex flavour. Unlike some other types of gin, London Dry Gin doesn't have added sugar or artificial flavours, which lets the natural flavours of the botanicals shine.

Now, legally, London Dry Gin has some rules to follow. Firstly, a neutral base spirit must be used which is at least 96% ABV. None of the botanicals can be synthetic or artificial, and they must be added during the distillation. Nothing but water, ethanol or a very small amount of sweetener can be added after distillation. 


In conclusion, London Dry Gin is a classic gin style that's dry and juniper-forward. It started in England in the 19th century and has stayed popular ever since. So if you're a fan of gin, give London Dry Gin a try and appreciate its classic flavor and history.

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