The Perfect Gin and Tonic

The Perfect Gin and Tonic

This English staple can’t be beaten when its done right. There’s much debate on ratios, garnishes, and glassware. So here’s how to master this absolute classic, the Roundwood way.

Garnish and Glassware

Things have come a long since your G&T with ice and a slice. There are countless options, but one tip is to try matching your garnish to the key botanicals in the gin. Lime, rhubarb or an olive can work well with dry gins, while grapefruit, citrus peel or cucumber would work with more floral gins. In a savoury gin, try rosemary thyme or basil. The best idea is – experiment!

Ice is also essential, and the icier the better! For your ultimate G&T, the ice should be rock-hard frozen and packed all the way to the brim, ensuring that it melts more slowly, saving your drink from over dilution!

Glass shapes vary from your large Copa balloon glass to the conventional high ball. Largely down to personal preference, we think a gin and tonic is delicious in a short stemless wine glass. Gin goes down best with some good swirling space!


Recipe: The Perfect G&T

  • 50ml Roundwood London Dry Gin
  • 150ml premium tonic water, we like Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Fill your glass up to the top with ice cubes, (a pre-chilled glass is even better) and pour over your gin. Top with your tonic water and garnish with a twist of fresh orange peel and a sprig of fresh thyme. Stir very gently using a long spoon to gently mix without reducing the fizz!


Peeling orange, gin garnish 

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