Bottle Return

Bottle Return

Looking to give your Roundwood bottle a second life? Bring back your empties!

Our Roundwood Bottle Candles are now available in two wonderful scents, 'Bergamot & Juniper', and 'Elderberry & Thyme'. This means we're always on the lookout for 'empties' to make more!

Have you got an empty bottle hanging around? We're offering a discount off your next order if you return it to us. 

You can find us at Unit 1, Wennington Lodge Farm, Huntingdon, PE28 2LP*, or Roundwood Gin on Google Maps. Come into the farm yard and look for the blue door!

Please note, we don't have a shop on site, and we're not always in, but we do have a large parcel box - just drop us an email and let us know you've left it to receive your discount code!  

*Postal returns to this address also welcome, at own cost.

Roundwood Gin Map

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